What Are The Stereotypes For These Names?

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tell me what you think of when you hear these names… if you think the person sounds sporty, popular, a horseback rider, a slut… whatever you think of when you hear the name!! thanks!
thanks so much! and please dont just tell me which ones you like… tell me what/ who they make you think of!

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  1. caligali says:

    Sami-sporty dancer
    Alli-idk why but redhead
    Jordana-like curly exotic sporty
    Brielle-blonde curly hair, crazy, i have a family friend whos name is brielle
    Madeline-the french redhead cartoon girl haha
    Alyssa-bitchy, stuck up, tall
    Danielle- annoying, prissy, a little different
    Karly-comedian, happy, optimist
    Lauren-basketball player, tom boy
    Megan-outgoing, a little bit annoying, unkempt
    Lizzy-crazy, weird, funny
    Emily-always laughing, a little bit lazy, everyone has this name!
    Talia-shy, proper, calm
    Hannah-blonde! inside and out
    Jamie-sporty, shopping, everyone also has this name
    Lacey-my nieghbors dog
    Noelle-nnooeellleee, born in a manger in bethlahemmm
    April-may june july
    Tatyanna-like exotic indian
    Bridget-my best friends dogs name !
    London-, england
    Blair-sporty, blonde, funny

  2. Olivia C says:

    Sami – I knew a girl named Sammi who was really nice, kind of quiet, down to earth, laid back, really cool, trendy… So that’s what I think of
    Cheyenne – Blond, kind of trashy
    Alli – Someone kind of vapid
    Jordana – Isn’t this your name??
    Brielle – Stripper
    Madeline – Quiet, intellectual
    Alyssa – Milano
    Danielle – I think of a really bratty girl
    Karly – If it were spelled with a C, I’d think of Carly Simon
    Lauren – Bland
    Megan – Quiet and sweet
    Lizzy – Obnoxious, loud, stupid
    Emily – Quirky, friendly, a little shy, smart
    Talia – A bit evil and very mysterious
    Hannah – Dull and common
    Jamie – I think of Jaime King
    Lacey – Peterson. Please don’t name anyone Lacey.
    Marine – A lovely, etheral girl with long wavy hair. If it’s Marine, not Marina
    Noelle – Someone cute and bubbly
    April – a kind of dull, not that bright girl
    Tatyanna – I think of a very lovely ballet instructor I had when I was little. I like it better spelled Tatianna though.
    Bridget – Kind of butch.
    London – I think this is not a name.
    Blair – Gossip Girl.

  3. 2/20/200 says:

    Cheyenne-good person, happy, popular, responsible, caring, blond, dark skin.
    Madeline-wealthy, sophisticated, brunette, petite, pretty, blue eyes.
    Alyssa-Alyssa Milano, beautiful, dainty, confident.
    Danielle-helpful, funny.
    Lauren-friendly, feminine, sophisticated, hardworking, know it all.
    Megan-kind, caring, pretty smile, good complexion, Irish.
    Emily-Emily Dickinson, shy.
    Hannah-sweet, wants to make the world a better place, hard worker, pretty, delicate, golden brown hair.
    Lacey-understanding, hardworking, beautiful, dark hair.
    April-pleasant, sweet, outgoing, fun, popular, blue eyes, freckles.
    Bridget-Bridget Jones, comical, blond, kind, well liked.
    Blair-Actress on The Facts of Life, pretty, snobby, prissy, stuck-up, preppy, tall, thin, blond.

  4. Bermudaf says:

    Sami – reminds me of stupid bleachblonde American Ditzy Slutty Girl who had trailer trash parents who couldn’t just name her Samantha
    Cheyenne – sounds like an American hick name
    Alli – hopefully a nickname for allison or else i state the same as i did for Sami
    Jordana – i like it, different, i picture an arabic girl
    Brielle – preppy, spoiled
    Madeline – classic
    Alyssa – hate the spelling and hate pop culture names – reminds me of Sami and Alli
    Danielle – boring
    Karly – think this should be a nickname for something…i have a friend named Carlita and she’s cool
    Lauren – boring
    Megan – boring
    Lizzy – nickname for Elisabeth which is ok or Isabel which is cool but getting too popular
    Emily – kinda fallen out of use into more of a classic kind of name
    Talia – reminds me of an eastern european girl
    Hannah – boring/hate
    Jamie – hate
    Lacey – HATE
    Marine – not a name
    Noelle – alright…but seriously…if they’re born near xmas just don’t even touch the name
    April – if born in April don’t bother
    Tatyana – Eastern european
    Bridget – ok…
    London – not a name
    Blair – because of gossip girl i have grown to love this name

  5. B-Bonk! says:

    sami – stuck in the 90’s
    cheyenne – hippie
    alli – no stereotype i can think of
    jordana – weird
    brielle – idk never heard it before
    madeline – goody two shoes
    alyssa – i like this one!
    danielle – ******….sorry i just know alot of biotchy danielles
    karly – slut or weirdo with the K
    lauren – bland but nice
    megan – whore
    lizzy – goofball
    emily – boring
    talia – tali what?
    hannah – funny outgoing
    jamie – i LOVE this one
    lacey – either granny or skank
    marine – like the marines…like the military
    noelle – hippie
    april – this ones ok
    tatyanna – are you getting names off america’s next top model?
    bridget – i like this one!
    london – rich snob
    blair – i like this one

  6. lkprsb says:

    Sami – friendly, athletic
    Cheyenne – trashy
    Alli – popular but kind of slutty
    Jordana – popular, athletic
    Brielle ???
    Madeline – prissy
    Alyssa – popular but trashy
    Danielle – popular good girl
    Karly – popular, pretty
    Lauren – classy, rich, pretty
    Megan – classy, rich, spoiled
    Lizzy – hick, country
    Emily – smart, good girl
    Talia – popular, exotic
    Hannah – popular good girl
    Jamie – athlete
    Lacey – sweet
    Marine ???/
    Noelle – classy
    April – popular, nice
    Tatyanna – trashy
    Bridget – popular
    London – popular
    Blair – snobby rich

  7. ~ susan m says:

    Sami- Cute, Sweet girl
    Cheyenne- a prostitute
    Alli- Innocent
    Jordana- Gets along better with the boys than the girls, but not a slut
    Brielle- Slut
    Madeline- Beachy type
    Alyssa- Nerd
    Danielle- Plain Jane
    Karly- Bubbly, giggly, smiley
    Lauren- a *****.
    Megan- athletic
    Lizzy- clueless and annoying type
    Emily- arrogant
    Talia- always wants to be the center of attention
    Hannah- another plain jane
    Jamie- Slut
    Lacey- *****
    Marine- reminds me of boats
    Noelle- reminds me of christmas
    April- Sweet
    Tatyanna- Forgien, exotic
    Bridget- music type
    London- England
    Blair- clever

  8. Shina Beana says:

    Ok this is what comes to mind:
    Sami: short for Samantha..a ***** i hated in high school
    Cheyenne: that ditsy blonde girl on reba that got knocked up
    Alli: ali larter!!
    Jordana: sounds like the country
    Brielle: unique..sounds classy!!
    Madeline: overused
    Alyssa: milano!! love the name
    Danielle: way to 90’s:
    Karly: Simon…fatty
    Lauren: Sophisticated/Spoiled
    Megan: very nice
    Lizzy: Elizabeth..a much better choice
    Emily: boring
    Talia: brangelina’s 7th child?
    Hannah: montana
    Jamie: boyish
    Lacey: sluttish
    Marine: Semper Fi
    Noelle: christmas
    April: may june july
    Tatyanna: that girl from fresh prince
    Bridget: old school and awesome!
    London: england..rich bratty kid
    Blair: waldorf! lol i love it!

  9. kimba_le says:

    Sami- okay name for when they’re kids, what about when they’re 19, 20? reminds me of a 4 year old thats destined to be 4 forever.
    Madeline- prissy
    Alyssa and Danielle- I know 2 girls by these names and they are sisters. sporty and friendly.
    Lizzy- again, cute when the kids little, not so cute when they’re older.
    Talia- *****
    Lacey- *****
    and these ones:
    all suck.

  10. Sugarcoo says:

    Sami- mean girl
    Cheyenne- cheerleader type
    Alli- I know a sweet Ally and a gothic Alli
    Jordana- singer/actress
    Brielle- snobby
    Madeline- sweet *very cute name
    Alyssa- ratty
    Danielle- tomboy
    Karly- snobbish
    Lauren- cute, plain, tomboyish
    Megan- pretty, athletic
    Lizzy- ditzy
    Emily- plain and boring type
    Talia- friendly
    Hannah- cute, sweet
    Jamie- mean girl
    Lacey- stripper
    Marine- trashy
    Noelle- no idea on this one
    April- tomboy, athletic
    Tatyanna- friendly, pretty
    Bridget- ditzy
    London- classy, girly
    Blair- average, good girl type

  11. military mommy and wife says:

    Sami- tomboy
    Cheyenne- the best friend
    Alli- popular
    Jordana- sporty
    Brielle- i think of cheese?
    Madeline- a cute little girl
    Alyssa- artsy & creative
    Danielle- smart
    Karly- southern
    Lauren- the average girl
    Megan- cheerleader
    Lizzy- really tall girl
    Emily- stuck up
    Talia- a dancer
    Hannah- a horseback rider
    Jamie- a hair dresser
    Lacey- a rich girl
    Marine- a swimmer maybe just athletic in general
    Noelle- religious…
    April- successful
    Tatyanna- tries too hard to be liked
    Bridget- elegant
    London- an actress
    Blair- stuck up snob

  12. Jolyn says:

    Sami….troublemaker….my daughter used to hang out with a girl with this name and that’s what she is….
    Cheyenne….sweet and kind of a bubble brain….daughter of Reba in the Reba show….lol
    Alli….liar and thief….my daughter used to hang out with a girl with this name and that’s what she is….
    Jordana….somewhat of a tomboy and nice….
    Brielle….my favorite “girl” name….
    Madeline….outgoing, but conservative
    Alyssa….spoiled rotten and bossy….my boyfriends ex-step daughters child is named Alyssa and that describes her to a T….
    Danielle….control freak….my grandsons mom and that describes her….
    Karly….obnoxious….a woman on a soap
    Lauren….rude and lazy….a guy that used to own the salon I worked at before I started doing hair at home….
    Megan….whiner….my cousins daughter (second cousin)
    Lizzy….noisy….my fathers dogs name
    Emily….shy and quiet
    Hannah….sweet and kind….my friends daughter
    Jamie….sneaky and rude….my friends daughter
    Lacey….one of my daughters middle names but spelled different….Kaylee Ann Lacy….
    Noelle….Christmas….pretty name
    April….selfish….my moms friends daughter that walked out on her kids and doesn’t see them, they are with their father and doing OK
    Tatyanna….sweet and spoiled (not in a bad way)….one of the kids that her mom (April) walked out on
    Bridget….beach bum….lol
    London….someone rich….
    Blair….witch….lol….But, I like the name….
    my favorite names are: In this order….

  13. drusilla says:

    Sami – Stripper, with that “i.”
    Cheyenne – Dumb. I watch Reba.
    Alli – Diet medication that makes you incontinent.
    Brielle – Cheesy.
    Karly – Every Karly I’ve met has been thick as two short planks. Nothing wrong with the name, but all four I know are DUMB.
    Marine – An adjective, not a name.
    Tatyanna – Trashy because of the spelling.
    London – Like Paris Hilton’s dog.
    Blair – Mom watched too much Gossip Girl.
    Your other names are really quite nice and classy. I just dislike the ones above.

  14. S F says:

    Cheyenne-active outdoorsy type
    Alli-all american type girl
    Brielle- high-maintenance
    Alyssa-cheerleader type
    Karly-girly girl
    Megan-over stressfull
    Emily- bookish
    Jamie-cheerleader type
    Lacey-political, senior class prez, etc
    Marine-athletic? competitive
    Noelle-happy personality
    April-great outlook on life
    Tatyanna-athletic(gymnastics or skater)
    London-dark personality
    Blair-witch, lol

  15. eLiZaBeTh * says:

    Sami-Days of Our Lives
    Cheyenne-Southern girl
    Alli-Plays Sami on Days of Our Lives, Biggest Loser hostess.
    Brielle-stuck up
    Lacey-crazy chick on Rock of Love
    Marine- Marina, where boats go.. Could use Maureen.
    Noelle-stuck up
    April-just yucky
    Tatyanna-african american name
    London-the city
    Blair-Blair Witch Project
    Sorry, that’s all I got..

  16. Tiffany S says:

    Sami – Butch
    Cheyenne – What?
    Alli – Sweet, Innocent
    Jordana – Typo Jordan – Popular
    Brielle – Drunk
    Madeline – Good Mother
    Alyssa – Pretty
    Danielle – Slut
    Karly – Nerd
    Lauren – Beautiful
    Megan – Nice
    Lizzy – Complicated
    Emily – Smart
    Talia – Confused
    Hannah – Friendly
    Jamie – Pretty
    Lacey – Slutty
    Marine – Military Brat
    Noelle – Christmas Baby
    April – Spoiled
    Tatyanna – Not a real name
    Bridget – Popular
    London – I see France, I see London’s underpants
    Blair – Witch

  17. Emily G says:

    Sami- popular
    Cheyenne- dork
    Alli- slut
    Jordana- slut
    Brielle- weird
    Madeline- french
    Alyssa- gymast
    Danielle- poet
    Karly- pagent queen
    Lauren- anorexic
    Megan- redhead
    Lizzy- small
    Emily- smart
    Talia- slut/jew
    Hannah- dancer
    Jamie- wannabe
    Lacey- murderer
    Marine- lawyer
    Noelle- popular
    April- idk
    Tatyanna- fat
    Bridget- pretty
    London- the city
    Blair- snob

  18. JLee says:

    so know all of my x girlfriends?

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